Camping is a great Spring and Sumer activity for the whole family. But while adults love to unwind and enjoy the quiet of nature, kids can easily get bored. Kids love creating and eating s’mores, but how do you entertain them during the day?

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are fun for any age. Give your kiddos a list of neat things to look for around the campsite. When they complete the scavenger hunt, have a cool camping surprise waiting for them!

Dig Sites

Create some fun mounds and valleys in the dirt for their trucks or animals! Camping is great because it’s a chance to get your hands dirty! Just be sure to have a method for handwashing with you!

Simple Chores

Kids love to help, and we say take advantage while you can! Let your little ones help gather some kindling for the fire. It’ll keep them entertained and you will get some extra helping hands!

Camping Books

There are some great camping books out there that kids will love to read while they have some quiet time. Books that are relatable to what they are doing are amazing!

Glow Stick Games

When the sun goes down, the fun doesn’t have to stop. Get some glow sticks and create some fun games like glow stick ring toss!

Camp Stories and Songs

Gathering around the fire is such a great time to bond. Take the opportunity to tell your kids some fun stories or make up some silly songs.

We hope you get an opportunity to get out to the woods this spring or summer. Have a safe and fun-filled trip!