Wind down from a busy week with a good movie and great snacks. Try mixing it up with these home-made treats. Videos in the blog help walk you through step by step:

What’s a movie without popcorn?

Popcorn with butter is traditional, but why not elevate your movie snack with Sorghum Sea Salt Caramel Corn. The perfect combination of sweet and savory, this popcorn will be your new go-to snack! If sorghum isn’t your favorite flavor swap in maple syrup or molasses as your sweetener!

Something sweet: Chocolate candies

If chocolate candies are your movie go-to, try making Dark Chocolate Cherry Pistachio Bark (see video below). Full of sweet cherries and salty pistachios, this chocolate bark is better than any candy bar you can buy. Another twist on chocolate is to serve up Dark Chocolate Dipped Fruit.

Get creative with cookies

Our Flourless Chocolate Brownie Cookies are dense, fudgy and absolutely decedent for movie night. If you want to up the ante on your dessert tray, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream between two cookies and make homemade brownie ice cream sandwiches.

Bring on the crunch

If you’re more on Team Savory, try your hand at making homemade potato chips! If you’re comfortable with getting your kids in the kitchen, have them help peel and slice potatoes with you. Another creative alternative crunch snack is Crispy BBQ Chickpeas. These little bites add a little extra protein compared to potato chips.