Planning a wedding is stressful, add a pandemic to the mix and it may seem downright impossible. If you have been putting off the wedding planning, we want to give you some tips for making your perfect day possible in these imperfect times.

Follow CDC Guidelines

Like with any type of social gathering we still recommend you follow the CDC’s guidelines. Brush up on what your venue can accommodate and what precautions you need to take to protect yourself and your guests.

Keep Guests in the Loop

Make sure you keep your guests in the loop whenever changes occur. Give them plenty of time to plan accordingly for travel and accommodations.

Expect a Smaller Guest Count

With everything going on you will undoubtably have guests on your list that are not yet comfortable with attending a big social event. Remember that out of state guests will be needing to either drive or use public transportation and will then need to plan for their stay.

Communicate with Vendors and Read Contacts Carefully

Many vendors are updating their contracts to include stipulations about Covid. Keep a clear line of communication with potential vendors and read their contracts carefully. Read carefully the cancellation and postponement policies. Most vendors and venues are more flexible with postponements than cancellations. Be patient and understanding and avoid adding frustration to the conversation if you must cancel or postpone.

Consider a Virtual Wedding

Our last tip is one we are all familiar with at this point. Consider a virtual wedding. You can live stream the ceremony easily with social media platforms. This may not be your favorite option but it is the safest. It also ensures that guests will be able to view the ceremony and then the reception is for you and your partner. There is a bright side to everything. Virtual weddings are cheaper and easier than large ceremonies.

No matter what you decide for your special day, the FLIK team wants to say congratulations and please stay safe!

Article courtesy of Flik Hospitality Group.