Whether you took a long break or just the holidays off, returning to work can be a struggle. We have some tips for making sure your transition from vacation to work is smooth sailing.

Get an Early Start

Early to bed, early to rise. It can be tempting to drag out your last day of vacation if you can. However, we recommend calling it early and set your alarm. Get up at a decent time to make sure you are ready, you have everything, and you’ve given yourself enough time to get there.

Catch Up

Get caught up with your coworkers. This is a great way to get the most accurate up to date information that you have missed out on. We also recommend checking your email. But don’t get overwhelmed by it. Respond to the highest priority emails first and then return to the lesser pressing emails later.

Take Your Time

Work can pile up while your away, and the feeling of needing to power through it all is tempting. However, the best way to remain productive long term is to take each task one at a time. It allows you to give each project your undivided attention and complete it with confidence.

Take a Break

I know you just got back from a long break. But it’s still important to get up from your desk, walk around, get a snack, or just grab a cup of coffee.

You can still be productive after a vacation. With our tips, you’ll be shaking off the workday blues and ready to tackle your day!

Article courtesy of Flik Hospitality Group.