Cherry Blossoms in DC

Cherry blossom season draws in a big crowd in DC every year, but the tradition of cherry blossom viewing celebrations has roots in Japan. In the spirit of the upcoming cherry blossom festivals, we’re counting down 4 of our favorite dishes.

Hanami Dango

This delectable treat has three colors, each inspired by the cheery color palette of the cherry blossoms. Hanami Dango are essentially dumplings made from sweetened rice flour, each bite packing quite a taste.

Cherry Blossom Milk Pudding

Cherry blossom milk pudding is the perfect dish for your celebration. This creamy pudding is topped with cherry blossom jelly for a heavenly sweet, salty taste.

Cherry Blossom Madeleines

Cherry blossom madeleines are a light, buttery cookie with a deliciously sweet yet salty taste. They’re the perfect finger food for any cherry blossom celebration –and they go great with a nice cup of green tea.

Sakura Mochi

One of the most popular dishes, sakura mochi is a pink-colored rice cake that really packs a tasty punch. The pickled sakura leaf around the outside of the dish helps to balance out the flavor, giving it that classic sweet and salty cherry blossom taste.

This cherry blossom season kick off a proper celebration at any of our properties. Our Flik chefs are always preparing a slew of fresh, tasty dishes for you and your guests to try!