We’ve got some traditional Irish dishes for you to add to your St. Patrick’s Day meal. They are hearty and delicious and sure to please the whole family!


The Irish are known for their potatoes and it doesn’t stop at dinner foods. Boxty is a potato pancake! These savory pancakes are a blend of potatoes, onion, and great taste!


This dish is pretty popular but do you know exactly what is in it? This delicious side dish is a mixture of potatoes and cabbage. Serve it with boiled ham for a full traditional meal!


Coddle is a favorite dish of Dublin! It’s a one-pot stew typically made with the leftover meat and vegetables from the week. We love reducing food waste and can’t wait to create our coddle!


This Irish fruitcake takes it up a notch, not only does it have the dried fruits, nuts, and spices, it’s also traditionally soaked in tea and whiskey. During Halloween, this dish places a role in telling the consumers future!

Give these dishes a try and have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Article courtesy of Flik Hospitality Group.