Food Philosophy

Flik Conference Centers & Hotels food philosophy follows a mission of supporting sustainable, nourishing food made with fresh ingredients that are always authentic, fresh, and prepared from scratch by our culinary team.

We follow a simple food philosophy: nourishing mind, body, and soul

We look to create food that nourishes the mind, body, and soul and brings people together with our fresh food creations. To do so, we follow these simple rules for our food and ingredients:

Wellness Takes Center Stage

We focus on cooking FIT! We give you a variety of food choices that support health and well-being.

Seasonality First

We look to only use the freshest, in-season ingredients and recipes.

A Customized Approach

We source food locally, so our ingredients are fresh, wholesome, and safe to eat.

Always Authentic

We focus on creating real food, with the right ingredients for true global flavors.

Unconditionally Guaranteed

Through these acts, we show our commitment to earning your loyalty.

With Flik’s food expertise, Conference Centers & Hotels offers a delectable dining experience that is consistent across all Flik Conference Centers & Hotels properties.