FLIK Conference Centers & Hotels cares about the environment

Our philosophy for business brings a fresh take on how the hospitality industry approaches sustainability through their WasteNot™ practices and EcoSmart Meetings, food with our unique food philosophy, and meetings through our M.O.V.E.™ Meetings, a unique meeting package with exercise breakout sessions and food tailored to provide conference attendees with nutrition that keeps them active and alert. This unique approach allows for FLIK Conference Centers & Hotels to cater to a variety of large organizations with consistency across all the locations.

FLIK is about…

Our Commitment: Innovative. Authentic. Sustainable.

FLIK Conference Centers & Hotels and our parent company Compass Group has made it our business to create not only a more inspiring and satisfying work environment but also a more positive, loving world through our green meeting practices.

FLIK Conference Centers & Hotels understand that smart choices play an integral role in supporting a healthy mind and body. For Our Future initiative ensures that each of our guests and associates receives the best and most sustainable nourishment available. FLIK Common Sense initiative is designed to provide each guest with the comfort of knowing their travel and green meeting experience is protecting the world they live in. In the meeting room, guests will notice the elimination of plastic bottles and conveniently located recycle receptacles for paper and glass materials. Ultimately, all of this helps to create a healthy, more productive meeting experience.

Our Local Flavors Program supports local and sustainable practices

  • Environmentally aware food production methods
  • Support and respect for associated business
  • Fair wages to farmers
  • Humane treatment of animals