Summer is the perfect time to branch out and try new things. So, this Summer, while you’re at home, here are a few dishes you have to experience for yourself.

Chicken Caesar Freekeh Salad

This twist on a classic combines everything you know and love about Caesar Salad with a unique, but tasty grain. The Freekeh root traces its roots back to ancient Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria, adding a nutritious, nutty flavor to your salad. Find out how to make this recipe here.

Chocolate Chia Avocado Pudding

It may seem like an odd combo at first, but this creative dish surely hits your sweet tooth’s craving. The rich, creamy avocado is a perfect fit for pudding and the additional chia seeds add a thick and luscious feel. These chia seeds also contribute to healthy digestion and blood sugar control! Find out how to make this recipe, here.

Flourless Chocolate Brownie Cookies

Similar to flourless chocolate cakes, flourless chocolate cookies are a quick and easy treat that please your sugar craving. Being flourless, these cookies have a dense, fudgy and rich texture. Find out how to make this recipe here.

Parmesan Chicken, Balsamic Tomatoes

This is a unique twist on a classic Chicken Parmesan dish that’s even better than the original. Our Chicken Parmesan is baked, not ban fried, keeping the chicken breast juicy. The fresh tomato and balsamic topping add for a summery delight. Find out how to make it, here.