2020 skyrocketed the number of virtual events being held. Don’t let your virtual event get lost in the shuffle. We have some tips for hosting a successful virtual event.

Have a Clear Objective

When you host an event either in-person or virtual, the objective should be clear. This will inform guests of what the event is for and strike up excitement. A vague or seemingly unimportant event is easy to gloss over in our busy lives.

Set Up Reminders

Events take time to plan, and although your guests may have RVSP, you must send some sort-of reminder about the event. Especially if more than a week has passed since the initial invitation. This can be done in several ways as emails or social posts.

Keep Attendees Engaged

While live events are built on attendee engagement, it may seem that virtual ones are not. However, this is not the case. Q&As are still very valuable in the virtual setting and give everyone a chance to speak. With so many virtual tools, there are many other ways to provoke engagement. For instance, you can hold a live poll that people can vote on while in the meeting.

Market Your Event

A sure way to increase attendance and excitement is by successfully marketing your event. Marketing will not only inform guests of the event but also create a buzz of excitement. People will be more enticed by a well-marketed event and more likely to join.

Article courtesy of Flik Hospitality Group.