Over the past year and a half, we have gotten used to the term “new normal”. Whether you loved it or hated it, conferences were taken into a virtual realm while the pandemic was in effect. Now that we are beginning to see Covid cases decrease, and an increase in the number of vaccines available we begin to look forward to the future of the conference.

While we will begin to see people gathering in person again, the virtual conference will be sticking around in some capacity. By allowing for virtual attendance you are encouraging a much larger audience to your events. This is great for getting the word out to more people who are interested. However, this is not limited to the guests you wish to attract. By eliminating travel costs, you also open the door to a much deeper pool of speakers.

When conferences do return you can expect some changes to be in effect. For one, the use of a single microphone during Q&A sessions will likely be a thing of the past. Instead, you can expect some overhead boom microphones or some type of technology accessible through your cell phone for submitting questions.

With social distancing becoming more and more prominent in our daily lives, you can expect it to trickle into the conference environment as well. While virtual sales will allow for a larger audience, not everyone will be there in person. Limited in-person ticket sales and social distancing will probably remain for a while.

The team at FLIK is excited and ready to face the challenges and embrace the new normal of the conference. We are eager to reopen our doors and provide the best conference experiences while keeping safety at the forefront of our endeavors.