Built upon the principles of great food, great service, and great people, FLIK Hospitality Group truly prides itself on the unique opportunities for growth and development we provide each and every one of our associates. For the last 50 years, we’ve put our people first. Our team brings their best to work each and every day. We’re proud to serve you and it shows.

When it comes to working relationships, our salaried and hourly associates all boasted about the strong relationships they’ve developed over the years. Read more about what they had to say:

“I have the best team! We are small but mighty. The people I work with every day keep me motivated and happy through teamwork and communication. They’re total rock stars. Teams like mine make it so work is more than a job.”

“Working with a great team makes work easy and being motivated to make money and being able to live the best life you can ❤️”

“I am very grateful for all the great people I met during these 12 years of Flik, but most of all to my work-husband Chef Bob! Thank you for all that you taught me over the years and for still be there for me, even when we are apart!! I am grateful to call you friend!!”

“Working as a team helps me to be a better person, just like you would with your family at home. Helping one another out when it’s needed; being there for them.”

The decisions, actions, and attitudes of our associates earn the trust and loyalty of our clients every day. We know how to pick them and we know how to grow them. It starts with hiring people who share our passion for food and hospitality. Once we find the right talent, we encourage, value, and recognize their contributions.

We keep our people renewed, excited, and engaged by providing hands-on training and educating them about the latest trends. We give them a stake in successfully raising the bar. Our people love what they do and they love sharing their passion. Join our team and see the FLIK difference, where a job isn’t merely a job but the start of a career where you can flourish. Check out our current openings here:

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