Spring has sprung, and we have compiled a list of books perfect for this Spring. Get some sunshine and fresh air while enjoying a new book!

YA Fiction

“The Girls Are All So Nice Here” by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn

This page-turner follows a toxic friendship group at a 10-year college reunion. Ambrosia Wellington is invited to her 10-year reunion with a note that says “We need to talk about what we did that night.”

“Honey Girl,” by Morgan Rogers

Grace Porter decides to celebrate her Ph.D. in Astronomy with a trip to Las Vegas. While there, she shocks even herself by drunkenly marrying a woman she meets. Follow her journey and see what she discovers about herself and her life!


“Getting Back Up” by Harma Hartouni

Hartouni, tells his shocking life story of surviving a fatal mountainside car accident, overcoming abuse and sexual assault, and living in Los Angeles, against his traditional Iranian family’s wishes, as a proud gay man and real estate entrepreneur.

Children’s Books

“My Little Brave Girl” Hilary Duff, Kelsey Garrity-Riley (Illustrator)

Hilary Duff’s picture book is full of beautiful illustrations and words of encouragement for young girls everywhere.

“Simon B. Rhymin’.” Dwayne Reed

Simon B. Rhymin’ follows the inspirational tale of a young aspiring rapper. He learns to overcome his fears to follow his dreams. With the help of his family and friends, he can make a difference in his community.